In Memory of Dorothy “Dot” Burton

Martin Luther King once said, “Everybody can be great...because you can serve. To serve, you need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”
And that is Dot.

Among Dot’s many accomplishments,

When you stepped into Dot & Lucille’s kitchen, you felt blessed. You were baptized, for Baptism means “to cleanse your spirit.”

A Poem for Dot

How many of us had our spirits uplifted
by a hug and a kiss from Dot.
New goodness received, more understanding gifted.

And that kiss – well it marked you like the beginning of Lent.
Except with bright red lipstick,
and into the world you were sent.

Yes, Dot and Lucille’s kitchen almost touched heaven.
With sisters almost angelic
That taught life is about giving.

So whenever the hotel has the slight perfume of fried chicken,
we can smile and dream
of the decades of visiting Dot’s kitchen.

And knowing that Dot is in God’s heaven so dear,
We will see our Lucille at the head of our table
and know Dot will be near.

With gratitude

On behalf of the Burton Family and the Chalfonte Family, we want to thank all of the volunteers and donors who assisted with Dorothy “Dot” Burton’s Memorial Reception at the West Cape May Fire Hall. The overwhelming participation and support of the local community allowed us to provide for the reception.

We want to thank the Chalfonte Family, especially Charlie Cummings, Randall Segal, & Drew Tuano who lovingly prepared much of the delicious food for the reception. Thank you to the volunteers who assisted in the kitchen and throughout the banquet.  Thank you to Curtis Bashaw and Congress Hall for their contributions and for always being there. Thank you to The Washington Inn & The Chalfonte Hotel staff for their assistance. Thank you to The Satterfield family for their generosity. Thank you to Mayor Pam, Mayor Ed, the Lower Township Police and Jim Ridgeway, Cape May Police Department.

The outpouring of support is a true testament to Dot’s life. Your contributions meant that Dot’s farewell was from the heart of our community and a lasting tribute to all the great works Dot achieved while here with us. Thank you to the crowd of mourners from all over the country and all who made this day one of love for Dot and the Burton family.

A Prayer for Dot

May God, our Father, carry Dot in his arms to Heaven where the fragrance of flowers and spices bring her peace.

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